Hot 100 Live Unsigned Bands (2014)

“Hot 100 Best Live Unsigned Artists and Bands.” -- Bernard Baur, Music Connection Magazine.

December 13, 2014

Up and Coming Locals Play To a Packed House at Fingerprints

"This talented trio make up a music entity that is surely destined for success…" -- Asia Morris, LB Post

January 28, 2015

 Stencil Magazine Issue 26

“Any band that can produce their own brand of music certainly deserves praise and recognition, and I think it’s only a matter of time… The Moderates are one up and coming act to watch out for!!” -- Carina Lawrence, Stencil Magazine, United Kingdom.

July 31, 2014



"While they have a strong local fan base, The Moderates have grown in popularity... Fans in Texas, Colorado, and the East Coast have discovered their work." -- Lauren Williams, Orange County Register.

April 29, 2014


Long Beach Independent Magazine

“This is one hot Long Beach band and if you have not seen these up-an-comers we suggest getting your ass to a show!” -- Shea Newkirk, Long Beach Independent Magazine.

February 28, 2014


Long Beach Examiner

“The Moderates [is] destined to be remembered in the same facet that The Pixies are for what they are renewing in the music scene.” -- Joe Musick, The Long Beach Examiner.

November 28, 2011