How did we get here

The place our eyes both swore that we would never see

So we just stand here

Our hearts going wild

Our minds in disbelief

I don’t know where to go

My head turns wildly about

If I had anything to say I feel like I would just sing it out.

            Oh this is a strange town

            The sun is on its way down

            But I am wide awake

            Oh how I wish that

            We could just stop and look around for goodness sake

 ’Cause I don’t want to miss right now

 As I watch the sunset

The hues of red and orange they dance across the western plain

Oh how I wish that we could just stop and look around for goodness sake


I cant sleep, not tonight

It seems like everything’s not going to be alright

And I know it’s probably just words

But its enough to make it hurt

Running everything you said back through my mind

            Oh I’m sorry, for what I said

            But without you I feel so dead

            Please come back, and stay with me

            I’m begging you I’m on my knees

                        Where are you now (where are you now)

                        Where are you now (I don’t know)

                        Where are you now (where are you now)

                        Where are you now

                        I don’t know     I don’t know     I don’t know

I cant speak, not to you

'Cause I cant seem to say it right just like you do

But if you wait awhile and see

That only you belong with me

Il be sure to be the one to see it through

         Where are you now

         The sun is shinning here

         The shadows have all

         All drifted away

         The clouds are so bright that they almost hurt my eyes

         But still I say, take me away

         Take me away


Some days my life needs a hero

Someone who will come save the day

But if my life never wakes up then saving me is not what a hero needs to do today

You got to know the first breath is the hardest

The oxygen just pours through my lungs

And if I knew how it felt to be born again

You think that I’d be used to this by now

            (and it goes)

            Don’t know where I am

            Don’t know where I’ve been

            Don’t know where I’m going but I know that

            I know that my feet, are firm to the ground

            And I know that, I’m never going back again.

I woke up with a few years gone

Everything was wrong

Everything was moving faster

New President, cancer had been cured

The economy still sucked

But the internet was faster



Exploding out of the back of my mind is a dream

It is a dream that can be spoken, written, and sung

It is a dream that can be hated, cursed, and hung

My dream is hope

Hope for a new age of men and women

Who love other men and women simply because they exist

And because there is a God, somewhere out there

Who sees not what they’ve done, but who they are

They are children, they are beloved, and they are his

My dream is this hope, my hope is this dream

And to stand with or withstand this dream

will make or break its existence far beyond the exploding walls of my own mind



This world is sick with wrecks like you

In your heart you feel, but your mind’s a mess

Your body’s numb, from all the hopeless things that eat at your mind

            It kills me, consumes me, it tears me inside

            It chews me up, it spits me out, it makes me feel all lonely inside

I know you can't hear me, your body’s dead with the

sickness I know I’ll never have

I could never be that selfish, that foolish, that vulnerable

but I guess you were, you are, what I am never going to be. 

     Not a day passes I don’t worry whether you’re dead or not

     Your treading water, in a tar ocean

     I’m the only light but I’m always on the horizon

     Why can’t you see

             It kills me, consumes me, it tears me inside

            It chews me up and spits me out and makes me feel alone

            It kills me, consumes me it tears me inside,

            it chews me up and spits me out and makes me feel all lonely inside.



Beggars and liars, cheaters and thieves

They all have something, something they need

You wanna take a stand first take a knee

But you might want to stop for the things unseen

If there was a moment if there was a day

If there was a time and a place would you say

All the emotions you build up inside

You cant turn and go, you cant run and hide

            So don’t try and tell me it’s alright

            ‘Cause I see the scars you’ll have your whole life

            And I, I can tell you how much I need you

            But you wont understand

            Don’t try and tell me it’s alright

            Your emotional state is so black and white

            For the sake of your family you’re going to have to try

            ‘Cause if you fall away then you’ll die

The heart of the father means well for the sun

But the weight that it puts on my heart is a ton

When you retreat to that state of mind

It takes us all back, to stand in that line

Hopping and praying that you would pull through

Believe me when I say we’re thinking of you

We’re thinking of the way that you used to be

Humor and joy filled the room when you speak

          But those are just memories

          God I love the memories

          God, you felt so close to me when we were still a family

          Those are just melodies

          God I love the melodies

          God, you felt so close to me when we were still a family