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About The Moderates


Already exhausted from a full 15 hour recording session, Josh Taylor, The Moderates’ lead singer and principal songwriter, had to gather any remaining energy to finish the night strong. Clocking out at 4:15am, Taylor belted the bridge to “Black And White”, saving the most demanding part of the song until the end of the night. “Hitting early morning traffic coming home from the studio throughout that week was very unusual”, Taylor recalls, “our entire schedules were turned upside down as we went to sleep while everyone else was starting their day. But that’s where we thrived.”


The Moderates’ self released debut EP “Colour” was a piece of art that reshaped the band to it’s core. The attitude of the release is warm and welcoming, while the lyrics prove to have a witty and thought provoking nuance. Throughout the entirety of the EP are catchy chorus’ that discuss family, relationships, and finding a place in the world, especially on fan favorites “Strange Town” and “Where Are You”.


The unusual schedule reorientation took place in early May 2013. The band had come in contact with grammy nominated musical engineer, James Krausse and collectively decided he was the perfect fit to record The Moderates’ debut EP Colour. After producing, mixing, and mastering Colour, Krausse went on to work with Beyonce, Robin Thicke, Keith Urban, and Santana. “We were extremely grateful to have such a skilled team of producers and engineers working together to create this album” says Taylor as he sits in the control room of Firehouse Studios in Pasadena.


All three members of The Moderates grew up with music as a cornerstone of their youth. Drummer, Garret Huff had a background in saxophone before moving to the drums while bassist, Wes Mathison had a skill set in guitar before moving to the bass. Lead singer, Josh Taylor has many instrumental skills up his sleeve having a background in guitar and drums as well as classical and contemporary piano.


Currently the band is working on their first full-length record. In the summer of 2014, Josh traveled to New Zealand along with singer-songwriter, Graham Stookey in pursuit of inspiration for the next record. “I am very excited for the direction of these songs,” says Josh, “we really get to build on the sound we created in Colour by mixing gritty sounds to the likeness of “Black & White” and indie pop sounds like “Strange Town”.


Vocals, Guitar / Josh Taylor
Bass / Wes Mathison
Drums / Garret Huff